SWOB has invested in technology which allows us to import and integrate data from nearly any source.  We routinely deal with automated laboratory data sources, electronic data capture systems, electronic diary cards, and other non-SAS databases.


We believe data integration is best done by statisticians familiar with how it will be summarized and presented; not by information technology  specialists who may be inexperienced in clinical trials.


To summarize and analyze data, we have developed an innovative software system  (using SAS MACRO language).  This allows us to efficiently generate summary tables and listings ready for the clinical study report.


We also have extensive experience integrating multiple studies, and preparing data for Electronic Submission to FDA.

We have developed software to automate the creation of CDISC-compliant transport datasets and Data Definition tables.


We are also happy to customize SAS programming services to your needs.  Projects involving re-analysis of data, for Quality Assurance, for testing new hypotheses (or just to generate new hypotheses), or for determining the future direction of  a development program, are welcome.   

Technology and SAS Programming