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Statisticians WithOut Borders (SWOB) specializes in providing

Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Services, primarily Statistical Consulting, SAS Programming and Medical Writing.


We think ‘Outside the Borders’ to apply our knowledge and experience


to your unique.....


                          Regulatory Issues


                          Protocol Design Clinical Realities


                          Projected Business Environment


Projects we have been involved in include:


CNS:  Analgesia, Anxiety, Depression, Migraine, Epilepsy

CV:    AMI treatment, Hypertension, Anti-Arrhythmic

GI:     Anti-Ulcer, Heartburn, OTC Switch

Urogenital:   BPH

Derm:  Steroid, Anti-Fungal, Acne, Wound Healing

Anti-Infective: Antibacterial

Devices:  Oncology, Diagnostics

Miscellany: Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine